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Will be posting a lot of Popped Culture art and other art to my blog. Follow me here for new stuff! Thanks!

My horrifying and terrible series, exploring the underbelly of pop culture is back! Later this year, I will release a book with my buddy Alex Konstad, collecting these paintings.

You've seen some, which can be found here:…

And here's the latest.…

More to come, throw ideas if you have any!

Hi everyone,

The day has finally come… 

Oh yeah; LMS HAS arrived in our warehouse (along with the promised prints) and shipping will begin this coming Monday. You have all been so incredibly patient (well; 99% of you  and we can’t thank you enough for that. That said, a number of you have during the waiting period sent us individual emails with change-of-address-notifications. 

Given the more-than-expected time that has passed and to really make sure that nothing has slipped through the cracks here, please respond to this final email and confirm shipping address. 

We promise, it’s the last time we make you jump through this hoop and, in return for staying with us on this long and arduous journey, we have decided to add yet another print (in addition to the promised one). Dan will also sign each one of them, by the way.

If you did not receive an email, please check your SPAM folder and, if not there either, pls send us an email (preferably from the same address we have on file) and add your full name and date of purchase, so we can quickly cross-reference and avoid further delays in getting these out to you.

Again, thank you so much for staying with us and not giving up on us or these books. We certainly don’t take any of you for granted and, instead are very appreciative of all of you and feel lucky to have you as our support team.

Now, without further ado, let’s get this party started once and for all and we truly hope you enjoy the world of LMS!
And if you want to stay up-to-date on all the news (the upcoming movie, comics, collectibles, and much more), we recommend subscribing to our mailing list (no data will ever be released to 3rd parties) at the official LMS web-site at Or, you can simply visit it to listen to new LMS tracks from the amazing Kid Zero and Brother Johnson 

We are working on a vast array of cool stuff that will be revealed in the near future via email and, following later, on the site…. 

Cheers & best,
Your Section 9 Team


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If you are interested in my series LMS (Last Man Standing), you can pick up the book now --> CLICK HERE!

I will be released a 100-page comic this Spring for LMS, along with another companion book to go alongside it. Hey, even more art a stories!

I will be continuing my Pop Culture series soon as well! I know you guys dug those...

Love you all, and thank you so much for the support! More to come. 

Until then, here's a pic of my cat Remy: 


Let's all start the year off with some stuff I wish I had growing up: 

So I read an article last night on people who are mentally strong and the DO NOTS of being that person. 

I took those notes, and listed them, including how I learned to overcome these obstacles. It's a long read, sorry, but I figured this year it's time to open up and share that knowledge that I was once taught by someone I consider my mentor, business partner and bestfriend, Stephan. 

1. Don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself - I used to feel this way as a kid. I was a child of divorce, and used it as a crutch when I was younger. I hate a (mentally) abusive step-mom who would constantly take me down. I began to feel that maybe it was true, and I wasn't going to be the person I wanted to be. 

You can't think that way. No one likes or enjoys a Debbie Downer. Someone who is constantly on the negative or pining for sympathy. I began to overcome these complications with art or writing. Using that form as an escape. 

2. Don't Give Away Your Power - I used to want to share everything when it came to my art or business practice. Hell, some decisions I even look back now and wonder WHY or WHAT I was thinking. 

Stephan really shaped me up in that sense, reminding me to never give away full power. I don't ever feel like he meant it in a tyrant form, but more of a ownership-role. Don't step down from something you believe in or trust. Hold onto it no matter what. 

3. Don't Shy Away From Change - Being different is sexy. It really is. That doesn't mean you need to be weird to be different. Stepping outside of the box, challenging yourself, and aiming for giving your audience a new outlook on your art. 

A lot of people don't like change, which is why this is probably one of the Notes. Change is frightening. You can see how Hollywood is a key-player in that. Always afraid of doing something different, in fears of it not working or living. 

When I began LMS, a lot of people suggested start with a comic. Ease into the world with something familiar. That thought was boring to me. We've seen comics for years now. I wanted to give the audience the protagonist's bible, his cheat-codes and blueprints. Let them feel like they're the hero. 

I like to think it worked. 

4. Don't Waste Energy On Things You Can't Control - Holy shit. Big problem for me. I constantly feel this way--and usually--it's about stuff that's so petty and dumb. 

"Why do they enjoy this drawing over that one?" "Will the Killbook work?" "Will my story be interesting?" "Will the book succeed in November?" "Will it get good reviews?" "Will they still support me?" 

I can't control that. Not everyone will enjoy my art or my stories, and you know what? That's seriously, 100%, okay by me. 

I can't tell if LMS will be around forever. I sure hope it is, but who's to tell? You guys? Or is it up to how much I love it? 

Why not just do it and allow it to live and breathe for what it is--is what I should be telling myself. 

5. Don't Worry About Pleasing Others - There are so many artists I love on Facebook. And I wish I could be friends with every single one of them, grab a drink, draw, talk shit, and so forth. 

But you know what? We all don't have the same personality, thoughts, or motivations. We're not all alike, and you can't make everyone like you. 

I used to fear what other people thought about me all the time. Ranging back to being a kid with the shitty-stepmom, or living up to my dad's artistic standards (which I welcomed subconsciously I've come to realize). You want to live up to this height, and prove to people you're doing the right thing. 

Nasty habit, and something I always wanted to work on. Wasn't even an ego-related problem, but more of a "I'm doing this right" acceptance-problem.

But why lose sleep over that? Instead, inspire or motivate the ones who are pleased by what you put out. Those are the ones that matter and should push you. To the ones who don't share the same opinion, as I mentioned in 4.) It's totally alright to not enjoy someone's work.

6. Don't Fear Taking Calculated Risks - It's daunting. When I wanted to begin LMS, I was scared out of my mind. Which, looking back, was motivation by fear of working for the same asshole I was working for. 

But as many notes, character write-ups, pieces of art, and blueprints I had, I was still afraid of it not working. 

The goal is to overcome that accomplishment. I awoke one morning after a really shitty night of not being able to crack a story-issue and almost giving up, and told myself "Then make it better. Make it work. Delete, re-write, delete, re-write until it's perfect. And don't be a bitch and give up." 

So I kept on writing. 

7. Don't Dwell On Past - Another issue of mine. Lot of old scars from the stepmom, doubtful and mean teachers, and negative friends. It's stuff I've tried to work on, but also allow it to humble me. 

The thing is, you can't change the past, but instead allow the past to teach you what to do and what not to do. If you want to get nerdy, think of it as a leveling system on a (gloooivveeen!) RPG game. You keep getting better and better over the years from what you've experienced in the past. 

Don't go backwards. 

8. Don't Make The Same Mistakes Over and Over - To quote the origional article, and an amazing game, Far Cry 3's antagonist, Vas, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting change." 

Except when you keep continuing the bad habits, you're not allowing yourself to learn as I mentioned earlier. 

Kick the bad habits, the "I'll start working on it tomorrow" excuses, or playing videogames for 24/7. It's nice to have breaks and distractions, but you also won't have success over night or without trying...bringing us to the final two that have to deal with this. 

9. Don't Resent Other People's Success - Time after time I've seen this. On Facebook, from parents, family members, friends, other's friends, or even professionals. 

Don't be angry if someone else is successful. Don't speak down on someone if they come to you to tell you good news. It doesn't even have be art related. It could be as dumb as someone saying they got a compliment or did something for someone. 

A good friend acknowledges what the person did well and uses that to their advantage. A good friend supports you no matter what, has your back regardless of what team you're on, and will make sure you know it. 

I'm lucky to have a few of those friends, and they're always the one I share my most personal art with when it comes to my projects. 

10. Don't Give Up After Failure - We all fail. Failing is the key to success in my opinion.

I look at it this way, you learn a lot when you fail, because you realize the mistakes you made a long that path. For example...I try to watch all movies, regardless of how shitty they are. Sometimes people ask why? 

Because you have to learn from every one of them. What doesn't work? Where did they go wrong? 

Why was The Dark Knight Rises a weaker film compared to The Dark Knight? At what point in the movie did it began to fall flat? 

Even thought that movie was in NO way a failure, or even a bad-film per say, I felt a bit disappointed with it. But instead of just purely hating it, I took the good parts from it, and figured out what made it not work--making sure I don't follow those same traps when I write a story. 

11. Don't Fear Alone Time - It's okay to be alone. Hell, I'm alone all the time. It's when I get my best work-hours in. Use this time to reflect on problems, issues, and complications you're currently dealing with. 

Shit, I don't care, but my little studio apartment is my personal zen-room. I go in there, lie down before bed, and just ramble off in my head. Whether story notes, what I have to do the next day, or straight up just going "Oh this would be cool on this page..." "No use that for this story..." 

Whatever, I'm crazy, but being alone is okay. 

12. Don't Feel The World Owes You Anything - You're not special. None of us really are. We're lucky enough to be able to live in a decent home, especially if you're on facebook right now, and are given food and clothing. 

I look at life this way. You're given one shot. This is your largest project, bar none, and you have one chance to make it. 

Don't waste it. 

And finally..the most important: 

13. DON'T EXPECT IMMEDIATE RESULTS - What brush is that? What layer setting is that? What photo did you use for that texture? How do you pick your colors? What song is that? 

A lot of us had to learn from the ground up. Some of us have taken years, if not all our lives, to get to our level artistically. 

Pouring every minute they can into being a talented artist. We all have strived to get to this point. 

Yet lately, everyone seems to be in a rush. Why? Why not learn? A lot of you new artists have been blessed with schools like CDA, Gnomon, Red Engine and more. Or websites like CGHub, DevArt, CGTAlk, and all the others. Forum boards, youtube videos, tutorials, brushes, everything your heart could desire. 

Take the time and learn it. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. 

Gotta eat shit, before you can eat lavishly. 

Hope this helps in whatever way, thank you for the Deviousness and let's all kill 2014. 
So, the book is out!

Yes, it's actually in stores now. I know, crazy right? 

It's a property I've been working on for the past five years, and started here on DeviantArt. Thanks to the loyal fanbase of it, it was able to be turned into a book first for Heavy Metal. After, it was picked up by Paramount Pictures to be turned into a film, and now picked up by Dark Horse Comics.

I can't tell you how excited I am for you to all finally see it.

But most importantly, to the 2012 Pre-Orders, your books are on the way (TO US!) Once I receive them, I will personalize each one, and send the two signed prints as well. Thank you for your patience, it means the world to me. 

To everyone else interested, here are some awesome reviews and link to the book itself.

Much love from Gabriel and I. 

I did this interview for a workshop I'm teaching at next week in Portugal.…

But the reason I'm posting this, is because I try to stay pretty real on my answers. For you future artists and creators, check it. Might learn a thing or two from the mishaps I've had.…

Check it out! Let me know if you want me to add any others. 
It's very simple. 

The Killbook

^ Click that link and subscribe. 


I'm not going to spam you. I'm not going to send you stupid updates every day. And I'm not going to abuse your email.

What I'm going to do, if all goes as planned in my imagination, is make you (yes you fans, followers, and readers) a part of my book LMS's history. 

I want you to help define Gabriel, the lead character, on his quest of revenge and help define whom he is as a hero (or anti-hero) and help customize his design throughout the story with me. 

Also, there will be a second option, to create your own Bounty Hunter. 

Not to mention: FREE wallpapers, FREE  art, FREE music (Watch the TEASER HERE), and other sexy things for subscribers only.

So, if you're a fan of my art or LMS, subscribe. If not, all good, thanks for reading to this point. 

Love ya guys, got so much in store to those that waited. You guys inspired a very big idea. 

The crazy people of Dark Horse will be having me sign on Wed - 6 PM, Thur - 10AM, Say - 9AM, Sun - 10AM 

So come on by if you can! Meet, talk, shake hands, awkwardly look around and try to think of stuff to talk about. Or you can come and look at my lovely girlfriend in her custom LUCY outfit which was professionally made :O 

OR, come to see the 20" Gabriel statue! Or the life-size one (if it gets through customs.) 

Regardless, would love to meet and talk with any of ya. Thanks for the support and love so far, if you know anyone who wants to see LMS or for whatever reason, glance upon my nerdiness, I will be at: 


or at my booth: 


Look forward to the show! Cya guys!
Wanted to share this story with you guys, and future creators: 

After getting out of a slump, I wanted to share this story of something I went through a few years back. Bit of a read, but thanks for sticking through it 

As you know, Comic-Con is arriving and as I prepare for it, I grow more and more anticipated with anxiety/joy in regards to the re-release of Last Man Standing. 

As long, challenging, and mind-opening the creation of LMS was, something really stuck with me. 

Before I had created LMS, I wanted to work for WETA Workshop. To those that don't know them, they've created props, designs, sets, costumes, and more for The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, District-9, Elysium, The Hobbit and many more films. 

I was obsessed and inspired with them. The creator, Richard Taylor was always a huge inspiration to me. After viewing supplements on the Extended Editions of The Lord of the Rings DVDS, I knew right there: I HAD TO WORK FOR THEM.

So I always told my business partner, Stephan, that he had to get me a job with them one day. Whatever it was I'd do it! 

He replied back with: "I challenge you with this: Instead of working for them, why not have them work with you on your own project?"

I laughed, never gonna happen. Moved on and continued to craft a portfolio for Richard Taylor and WETA. Eventually, I had my shot at San Diego Comic Con 2008. I pitched myself to the amazing and very kind Richard Taylor, and he (seemed to have) enjoyed what I brought.

But he told me that if it had been earlier (the year prior) he could have brought me in, but now it would be impossible for me to go work for them, as (at the time) they were full, and he'd hate to have me on stand-by for a film. 

So we shook hands, and that was that. Wasn't mad, upset with him, or even bummed. But I went back to what Stephan said that one day....

So I continued to push, and I decided to take a crazy leap away from the companies and create my own IP, which was LMS. 

To fast forward, I met with Richard Taylor a few years later, after the book was done, and I showed him a rough copy of it and he offered something in return.


What he gave me is the photo attached from the latest copy of LMS, something I never thought possible.

Moral of the story is, never let go of your passion or gut instinct. Always trust it, push, and continue to learn and grow as a person and artist.

I need to remind myself that at times, as believe it or not, I constantly doubt myself due to pressure of wanting to succeed. It's a growing process. 

Thanks for all the support, and I hope you can find something in this.
I miss you.

Got some art coming, like 3 new big LMS paintings. 

I wish we hung out more, but I don't have anything truly new to show. 

That said, Comic Con is going to be big, and I hope to meet some of you guys. 

More soon. Love have not been forgotten. 

To follow more:
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What's up you sexy people?

So Comic Con San Diego is soon approaching, and yes, I will be there, glasses and all!

The lovely Dark Horse Comics was crazy enough to adopt my graphic novel, Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter, ( CLICK TO PRE-ORDER LMS HERE )  decided to premiere the new edition at SDCC.

I want ALL OF YOU whom are going, to come stop by. I'd love to meet you, talk, maybe even grab food if there's time. You've alll been a part of LMS snce the beginning, so it's my pleasure to continue that support. 

Also, there will be LMS toys. Well, one. One big twenty inch statue of LMS's lead hero Gabriel. We also just landed two other deals to create more toys with some pretty substantial companies.

Not to mention posters from LMS AND POPPED CULTURE SERIES, signinings and maybe even hugs for the ladies ;) (if you can get past my girlfriend). 

I hope to see you all there, and again, thank you for the support and love!!!!!

Oh wait, I also forgot: There will be a life-size Gabriel statue there :) Come take pics with it and draw chalk marks on his armor!



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Gonna be a fun book, check it out. Lots of new stuff in it as well.
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Before I begin: All 2012 preorders, whether Domestic or International, are still in order. You will get your books signed by me, with signed prints and a signed poster. We will deliver them as soon as they come in.

But for everyone else, at last, 2 years later from it's original release, LMS: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter, is up for presale. Not only that, Dark Horse Comics (Hellboy, BPRD, Star Wars and more) will be publishing it.

This is the REPRINT. But! It's been completely rewritten, new story, new bios, new art AND at the back of the book will be featured 60+ professional artists' contributions to the LMS world. Such artists as Dave Rapoza, Anthony Jones, Andree Wallin, Reid Southen, Kekai Kotaki, Ash Thorp, Marco Nelor and more...…

We're also not only in the top 100 best sellers right now, but we're beating out Bioshock Infinite's art book, The Hobbit, Avatar, Adventure Time and Star Wars right now. Cloud nine. Thank you all for the support, I think you're in for a treat.
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There's brushes everywhere!…
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Hey new watchers and followers!

Well apparently Yoshi, Finn and Donald Duck seemed to have drifted across the internet--loved by some, while scarring others.

They're part of a new series I will be doing which will be based off pop-culture references and characters. My object? Make you forget what you thought you once knew about those loved characters.

But in the best way possible! Yes, they will be menacing, they will be violent, and some may even be just badass.

"Why", asked many tweens the past few days as as I submitted. "Why must you ruin my childhood and shit all over my loved ones?"

Well, because it's funny. And it's also quite refreshing to do.

Why do I use my powers to fuel your nightmares?

First of all, because I can and will, just as any of you can. I also like to think that I can grow and try new things and not draw the same shit over and over again, 24/7.

So for those who are here to enjoy and watch, by all means, thank you so much for your continued support and love. It really means a lot to me, and I hope I keep you around! <3

To those I have offended and shocked with these vile and terrible images of your once pure heroes?

I'm only getting started.

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Come laugh and talk about dumb stuff and see A LOT of art from me.


Watch me paint live or recorded videos of past paintings.


The above.


My art.

Instagram: danluvisiart

Cats. Just lots of cat photos.
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Come watch. I'm on every now and then, but I'm painting something right now.

Warning: your childhood will be ruined.