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Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`DanLuVisiArt's name is one that resonates around our community with a sense of awe and wonder. His artwork not only graces our galleries, but it also heading for the silver screen, as his infamous Last Man Standing is to be turned into a film. We're extremely proud of Dan, who has put his 11 years in our community to excellent use, forging and sustaining a loyal fan base. Not only that, but Dan always takes time out to share resources and tutorials, alongside exciting new artwork on a regular basis. Congratulations, Dan!
-awarded January 2014


ELMO - The Muppet Bounty Hunter by DanLuVisiArt
ELMO - The Muppet Bounty Hunter
Don't have a story for this one. Honestly, I'm leaving the community for a bit on all social media fronts. Nothing drastic happening, I'm not disappearing or doing anything crazy. Just need to focus on my career in concerns to LMS and the film side of it, as things are moving forward. But I didn't want to leave without some art, so until that one day where you guys will see my silly idea truly come to life, enjoy the serial killer bounty hunter ELMO from The Streets sub-series of Popped Culture. 

Prints here:…

If you're interested in LMS, check it here:…

Next volume coming out next year. 
Hey guys. Long time no update. I'm still alive and working on the next chapter in my IP, LMS. We're also in discussions with a rather large studio and producer to get the film going. Got a lot of ideas here, and hope to see them come to fruition soon. Thanks for all the support and love and for those interested in LMS, sign up at 

Until then, hope you're all kicking ass. More soon. 
THE STREETS - Chapter 4 - THE GIGGLERS by DanLuVisiArt
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


Tiny white grains raced up a green-paper chute, pouring out the other end into the nose of a barely legal Muppet hooker. She pulled back, gathering her thoughts as her face burned, the bar blurring as the cocaine coursed through her frame.

Surrounding her were a gang of ruthless killers and drug pushers, known by their infamous yellow bird-shaped insignia. These were The Gigglers—a rowdy biker-gang associated with The Bird, The Streets' most notorious mob leader.

A handful of them competed in a race to see who could chug down the most beer, before slamming their glass mugs back onto the table. They come to a halt when the bar's main-entrance door flies open, banging against the wooden walls and silencing the jukebox. One of the bikers, Max, throws his green dread-locks to the side, trying to squint through his already head-splitting comedown.

Grover, a six-foot wall of blue, matted fur, makes his way through the bar, staring down the crowd of infidels who quickly go back to their own business—the once prolonged music now back on. Grover approaches the long, wooden bar-top table, lifting his coat off as the bartender approaches. The bartender wears shades, and accompanies a purple, fluorescent mo-hawk. He looks up at his

foreign customer. “What can I do for ya, pal? Beer, liquor?” he smirks. “The girls?”

Grover doesn't emote. The bartender shrugs his shoulders spinning back, but Grover slides a folder in front of him, again grabbing his attention. The hawked-Muppet looks down, opening up the manilla dossier, pushing through various polaroid photographs. “Yeah? What of it?”

I'm looking for the red one. He goes by--” Grover stops, as the green-dreaded biker, Max, taps his shoulder from behind. Max smacks on chewing tobacco, smirking as he looks back at the gang as Grover slowly turns to face him.

Yes?” Grover asks, noticing the other Giggler's as they stop their vice related activities—their focus now on him.

My girl back there,” Max says, pointing to the young hooker. “She says she knows you. Says yous' a cop. That right?” the biker chomps, almost expecting reactions from his fellow Giggler-thug accomplices. Grover looks down, a police badge resting against a stained wife-beater.

What's it look like? Now fuck off.” Grover scowls, turning and looking back at the bartender. “Look pal, I'm looking for—-”

Max is relentless, slapping Grover again. “Hey buddy, we don't like cops--”

Good, because I don't like Muppets,” grunts Grover, as he quickly spins around. With a reach of his massive blue fist, Grover connects with Max's large, pink nose, splashing blood onto the table behind him. Max falls to the floor, holding his broken snout as it drips a dark crimson juice. “My nose! You broke my fucking nose!”

One of Max's comrades quickly runs over to Grover from behind, slamming a knife into the giant's fuzzy shoulder. The edged blade meets flesh, digging deep into Grover's trapezius muscle. But the pain means nothing to the veteran of such, as Grover pauses, turning his head to see the now regretful Giggler, as he steps back cautiously. “Hey buddy...let's calm down now!” the Giggler says, raising his hands.

Big mistake.” Grover says, clenching his fist. The Muppet soars, courtesy of Grover's canon-arm once again. The purple-bartender from earlier leaps over the counter, trying to jab in hits, only to be slapped down.

Grover grabs the Giggler by his aqua-green hair and slams him face-down into one of the bar's numerous tables, causing the wooden legs of the table to buckle, crashing to the floor. The young, coked-hooker from before quickly jumps back, gasping as the towering blue giant walks over to the downed Max, wrapping his fuzzy fingers around the Giggler's neck.

I'll ask one more time you little punk,” Grover says, watching as Max flails about. “I'm looking for your leader, where is he?”

Max wiggles, trying to escape the choke hold but cant. “I—I--”

Max stops, as his eyes catch a new challenger, who walks out of the bathroom. Grover notices, slowly turning his head to his right side, following Max's sight. There stands Grover's target. His hair savage, his body thinned. His arms covered in tattoos, written of once loved giggles that would one day be feared. Grover smirks, snapping Max's neck as if it was a twig.

It's been a while,” Grover says, dropping Max's now broken body. He yanks the blade from his muscle, and tosses it to the ground. Slowly cracking his knuckles, he walks towards his blade-wielding foe.

Good to see you as well, Grover,” giggles Elmo. The sickly looking creating reaches for a knife, placed into his biker boot, as he prepares for one long, overdue, brawl. 

THE STREETS - Chapter 3 - by DanLuVisiArt
THE STREETS - Chapter 3 -


The lands were similar to aged skin, pimpled with yellow and red rocks. Fragraq had been turned into a wasteland after the vicious Fraggles attacked some time ago. The harsh sun rendered the barren environment with a warm blanket of red, but through it, a faint green figure rose.

Before we take this final shot and finish off our operation, let me ask you this. Looking back, after everything we've done, have you grown accustomed to being out here, or do you miss it?” the green amphibian asked, pulling down his binoculars. Bert pulled his rifle down, watching as Kermit scouted for any possible Fragsurgents.

“Home?” Bert asked, not having heard the word for some time. He had been assigned with Kermit D., a senior CIA Agent otherwise known by The Frog, for half of Bert's tour. Now being it's fifth year, he was ready to move back.

Kermit nodded. “Yeah, home. Do you miss it or do you prefer these rock-ridden death valleys that I like to call Hell?” Kermit smiled, pulling a fresh cigarette out of his wallet. Bert nodded as Kermit offered the last, “No. Save it.”

To answer your question, at times I miss it. I don't really got much ever since my parents passed. No home that I can call my own.” Bert sighed, letting his rifle lie on the sandbags. “There is someone though. Someone back home.”

Kermit smiled, lighting the cigarette. It had been years since the frog saw his homelands, and it was beginning to render the frog cynical. But he'd be a fool to show it, let alone to such a veteran as Bert, otherwise known, infamously by the Fraggles, as The Pigeon. Girl?” he asked, breathing in the warm tobacco.

No,” Bert smirked. “Just my brother, Ernest. He doesn't too well on his own. Kid slacks off, always telling jokes and taking baths, never taking anything too seriously.”

Kermit leaned back on his lawn chair, taking puffs of his cig. “I don't have any brothers or sisters, no family that I can recall either. Back where I'm from, in the swamp, I was a bit of a loner. Enjoyed it for a bit until I moved my way out to Hollywood. Dreams of being some big actor one day, stupid stuff that I now laugh about whenever I think about it.”

Bert looked over once more. “Actor, huh? You don't show too much range of emotion out here. I assume that comes with the badge?”

Kermit peered down at his American Flag button. “They try to remove any sense of humanity from us when they deploy us to the field. But I used to want to be something. I wanted to have my own show, maybe even movies. Had a few friends and we tried put it together, but then these fucking Fraggles decided to declare war, so it all just faded away.”

The cigarette began to fade, the ash drifting away. Kermit put it out. “And now I'm here. Sometimes your dreams don't happen, but then another door happens to open, and you're forced to take those responsibilities.”

Bert leveled his veteran rifle, peering through the scope he had become far too familiar with. “I know the feeling, doesn't sound too far off from how I am with my brother.” he said, placing the scope to his eye.

Kermit noticed he struck a chord. Quick to remedy, Kermit passed a beer. “So, your brother, tell me about him.”

Ernest is my younger brother. Good kid, just doesn't have it all together in his head. I get far more angrier at him than I should, but sometimes I just grow tired of trying to take care of him. He needs to learn how to do things on his own one day.” Bert scanned the field for any possible threats, the cross-hairs looming over possible suspects. Vicious, fast, beasts, made of ash and fire.

Where's he now?” Kermit asked, taking a gulp.

Back in The Streets. When our parent's passed, we were sent around to orphan homes. He wasn't doing too well with the change, used to having everything his way. That's when I woke him up, starting helping him with school and work. Before I got enlisted here, the kid had it all planned out. Job offers at some big comedy-bars. I think he might be onto something, I just hope he keeps it together.”

Kermit leans back as he lifts his binoculars, scoping out the Fraggle target, but Bert has been watching him for the past several minutes. “Then I'd say it's time to get you home.” Kermit peers through, watching the Fraggle run across the yellow fields. A blur. “After you.”

The thin-crosshairs slowly balance between the target's black eyes, covered with hot pink fur. This would be Bert's 45th confirmed kill while in Fragrock, and it had been a long time coming; every kill bringing him one step closer to returning to the only family he had. However, Bert had no idea of what lied before him.

The gunshot shocked Kermit, shaking him to his core. Bert gazed over his sight, watching as the Fraggle's head popped, void of any emotion he once had. He pulled back from the rifle, looking at the smiling Kermit. “It was a pleasure, sir.”

Kermit returned the gesture, throwing the beer bottles off the cliff, and folding up his chair. Bert looked once more at Fragraq, an almost beautiful if not stoic scenery. He smiled, packing his rifle away, savoring the idea of finally leaving this godforsaken war, but unknowingly about to be involved into one far, far, worse.

Skeeter - The Nightstalker - by DanLuVisiArt
Skeeter - The Nightstalker -
Portrait of Skeeter! Free video of how I did it and more affordable tutorials here: 
Hey guys! I know school can be expensive, as well as classes. Well taking a note off what Anthony Jones has done, I've decided to put up cheap and affordable audio-commentated video tutorials for all to buy. 

If you would like me to teach anything specifically, let me know, but for now, enjoy:

For Paypal Users:

Thank you! 


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Instagram: danluvisiart



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Keep up The Streets stories!!!!! They're so awesome and dark!!! A much better way to show our childhood. Keep it up!! :)
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how do i get the brushes that you use?

im fairly new to digital art and i would apreciate you answering my question!

sorry if it isnt very clear

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I was wandering through Midtown Comics in NYC the other day. I scanned the shop and decided it wasn't the day to buy anything. I was heading out the door and suddenly, I noticed a familiar looking graphic novel up in the corner shelf. It was Last Man Standing, Killbook of a Bounty Hunter. It looked so stark amongst the other novels, with its large format and striking cover art. I immediately pulled my friend over and said "Not only am I DevArt friends with the creator of that, but I have also been watching nearly every sketch he has made since the idea was thought up!" Without hesitation, I grabbed a copy and started reading it with the excitement and nerdiness of a middle school video game geek. So far, it is fantastic and I'm so happy I noticed it, because I remember seeing your initial character designs and knowing that I wanted to see the final product. Just want to say 1. Amazing job. This is a stellar piece of work that I will be proud to have on my comic shelf. 2. Props for getting it onto the competitive shelves of the infamous Midtown Comics; right alongside Jodorowsky's graphic novels nonetheless. 
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Just curious did you ever finish the Disney Stitch drawing you were working on a while back?
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